Market Analysis

  • Identify the submarkets in New Jersey that provide the greatest opportunities
  • Work with our team to find property at discounted prices
  • Visit each potential property and generate preliminary renovation estimate
  • Submit offers on properties that meet criteria
  • After analyzing hundreds of deals, we choose very few to further move on with


  • Execute Contract and deposit earnest money
  • Finalize renovation budget
  • Assign project team to complete renovation


  • New carpet and flooring
  • New paint
  • New Appliances- refrigerator, stove, dishwasher
  • New HVAC
  • New Light Fixtures
  • New hot water heater
  • Freshen up the landscaping

Marketing and Tenant Placement

  • The renovation work is close to finish
  • Marketing and open houses are conducted to find tenants
  • Tenant applications are reviewed and screened
  • Applicants that pass the first level of screening move on to further review
  • Applicants submit to a credit check
  • References are checked
  • A lease is executed and deposit secured

Investor Financing

  • Investors are prequalified
    1. We work with you to walk through the process with our team of preferred lenders
    2. We explore alternative financing options
  • Investor works with our team to choose the home that meets their criteria
  • Contracts are executed and earnest money is deposited
  • We work with experienced lenders, attorneys, real estate brokers and insurance agents to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible

Closing and Management

  • The process is complete with the closing of the property
  • Most closings occur remotely with no need to attend in person
  • The investor chooses to either self manage or enter into a management agreement with one of our preferred management companies

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