Whether you're an experienced investor or a professional looking to invest some money to get some great returns, CB Realty Holdings can help. We can provide investors with a variety of different investments. Bottom line is that we find deals, great deals. Our investments include:

  • Residential Rehabs
  • Foreclosures & REO Properties
  • Rental Properties
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Land

Alongside, our professional investors usually like having a more hands off approach. This is due to not having too much knowledge in the real estate market and industry, or simply, just not having the time. CB Realty Holdings provides a solid cash on cash return on your money for hands off Investors.

If you are interested in investing with CB Realty Holdings, simply fill out the information on the right to join our buyer's list. This gives you first rights to snag up any deal we have.We also have a turn-key rental program designed for investors looking to be hands off and have a cash flowing rental property. We will be in contact with you to help decipher the best investment route for you to take.

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